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You may have seen the screenshots or watched the videos but getting a feel for a software requires to try it out yourself.

We've set up a demo instance of UI Composer that you can play with yourself at It is running a snapshot of the version from couple of weeks back (the same one we used for the videos). There will be a more recent beta coming soon, so expect slight modifications (and possibly short downtimes).

Also, it is just a demo server so go easy on it

It does integrate with Beehive database which you can browse for infrared remote vendors and models. Let us know if you can't find your particular remote there, we'd love to hear back from you and introduce your infrared recording into Beehive.

Eventually what UI composer generates is a set of configuration files to be deployed on OpenRemote Box (ORB a.k.a controller). The configuration files include command mappings from panel software to various control protocols (X10, KNX, etc) and the view definition for the panels to render (initially iPhone and iPod Touch, web console to follow later).

The first milestone of OpenRemote Tango will include deployment of all these components into an end-to-end system capable of handling infrared commands. To get to this point we still need to tag the current controller code in subversion and set up an iPhone app store to distribute the console GUI bits...

So back to work...

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