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Russound and KNX with Rule Integration

In the previous month's video (if you missed it watch it here), Marcus Redeker showed an integration of OpenRemote, iPhone/Android UI, Russound and KNX. He created an iPhone interface to control audio output from Russound controller and integrated it with a touch interface on iPhone and also with physical KNX switches with OpenRemote controller rules.

This second part of the video shows how the iPhone UI panel was constructed with OpenRemote Designer. It also demonstrates the new Russound Import Wizard which automatically creates commands, sensors, sliders and audio zones. Finally the new rules feature is demonstrated with a rule editor in the OpenRemote Designer.

See the 'OpenRemote Russound Integration' video for Part 1 with live system in action. In this Part 2 you will learn how to use OpenRemote tools to create a similar system yourself.

The new features in this video will be available in the next update of the OpenRemote Designer online, scheduled for February 2012. Enjoy!

Lower Knowledge Acquisition Costs in Home Automation

Today, building a home automation system is riddled with barriers-to-entry by proprietary vendors. The software and protocols are closed, training and information is shared only with authorized dealers and integrator network.

This leaves market control to those willing to invest in the knowledge acquisition – and investment that usually requires a dedicated dealership and client-base development with which to earn back the initial investment. This results in higher prices that makes automated homes too expensive for too many households.

OpenRemote Inc's philosophy to automation is to approach it with open standards and open systems. Not only is the software free (and you're free to install it on any off-the-shelf hardware that meets the system requirements) but it also enables a lower knowledge acquisition costs to those who are interested in automating their homes themselves. The investment required is your time. The knowledge is free for you to use as you see fit.

To help realize this vision of an open standard to automation, we will attempt to develop further videos, tutorials, how-to documents and other documentation to enable anyone – whether a professional installer or DIY user – to invest their time to learn how to create automation installations with OpenRemote. You may only be interested in automating your own home, or you may be interested in becoming a professional installer, the choice is yours.

This work is just a beginning. Watch this space for more to come.

And for those interested in some help with the learning process, OpenRemote Inc. can offer you training services. Please contact for more information.


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