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OpenRemote Russound Integration

Marcus Redeker is back with another video that demonstrates OpenRemote integration with Russound multi-room audio system.

The iPhone touch interface shows multi-room zone control with volume, source, bass and treble controls. Similar user interfaces can be used with iPhone and iPad tablets, Android phones and tablets and from within your PC's web browser. This enables you to use your existing touch devices to control your audio setup without necessarily adding separate keypads for Russound control.

As an added bonus, the video shows integration of Russound touch interface with physical KNX switches. The audio can be controlled both from touch interfaces or physical switches with state synchronization across separate systems.

An Open Integration Platform

With OpenRemote, it is possible to integrate existing automation installations and equipment into a single integrated solution. You can combine your KNX light control with your Russound audio controls into a single touch interface on your smart phone or tablet – or even to existing physical switches as is demonstrated in this video.

OpenRemote establishes a de-facto integration platform for home control and automation in Open Source. We adopt Open Source to create an open, free-to-access, unencumbered platform for vendors to integrate their protocols and smart- home devices to existing automation systems at lower cost. We enable installers to create solutions where all parts of the system are integrated, controlled and automated from a single panel interface. End-users benefit from having a unified control panels which cover all their integrated devices instead of a chaos of unintegrated controls and applications that do not interoperate.

OpenRemote puts you in control – choose the most cost-effective components rather than paying over-inflated prices for a closed, proprietary solution. You can use off-the-shelf hardware and drastically reduce the cost of your installation.

Added by Juha Lindfors , last edit by Juha Lindfors on Dec 03, 2011 08:33

  1. Dec 21, 2011

    Spencer Thomas says:

    So how do we set up our openremote to do this?

    So how do we set up our openremote to do this?

    1. Dec 22, 2011

      Juha Lindfors says:

      Marcus is working on a how-to document which will describe the steps.

      Marcus is working on a how-to document which will describe the steps.

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