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OpenRemote Product Overview

With OpenRemote, one can choose any hardware, from high-end proprietary gear to low-cost wireless next generation devices and deliver control panels on Apple iPhone, iPad and Android for it. We remove the vendor lock-in and give users the freedom to pick and choose what best fits the needs and budget both on panel and back-end hardware.

OpenRemote Designer

OpenRemote Designer

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OpenRemote Designer is a cloud-based application which allows you to design custom user interfaces for control panels. It is device independent and can support Android phones and tablets, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and designs for stand-alone web browsers.

As a user, you can make changes to panel user interfaces as your needs evolve over time. You can create a user interface for each family member, where the degree of control and technical information exposed in the UI varies according to user. You can also authorize your professional installer to create and manage such changes on your behalf.

As an installer, you can enter device information into your customer's account from any location as long as you have a working Internet connection. Changes in panel designs and configuration updates can be sent automatically to customers without on-site involvement. Device templates, user interface templates, protocol configuration and infrared codes can be stored centrally and shared for reuse.

OpenRemote Designer
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OpenRemote Controller

OpenRemote Controller provides the control panels with user interface definitions which it can download from OpenRemote Designer. It also integrates multiple commands across several protocols into single, unified macros/scenes and can be used to trigger actions based on schedules or events.

OpenRemote Controller
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OpenRemote Panels

OpenRemote supports control panel rendering on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and Android tablets and on desktop web browsers. The user interface and scenes can be edited with the OpenRemote Designer. You can have a remote for yourself, for your kids, for your significant other all programmed through the web with a drag and drop interface to select controls and layout. In certain cases, the panel may talk directly to the target hardware (for example iKNX with IP gateway) and for certain one-way control scenarios you may not need an OpenRemote Controller.

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