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Re: telnet command feedback
That's what I'll be doing for now, a workaround until (if) the issue is looked at. There was also a 'connection manager' that was put in place in a fork, to remove the issue of near-simultaneous calls blocking each other when trying to open ports. Hopefully that neat feature will be added in the
Re: telnet regex (what am I missing?)
Is there a general problem with TCP/IP and telnet regex? I've now tried a sensor with my Onkyo, on TCP/IP.... Command is : 0x4953435000000010000000090100000021314d564c5153544e0d0a0d0a This gets the volume The response issued (visible in Hercules & Telnet) is: ISCP !1MVL14 My regex is:
Re: telnet command feedback
I think it's been discussed and remains outstanding (i.e. command updates a sensor) I have a home heating system which updates it's own values every 30 secs, which is an age if you press the button. I was using IMVs and that was
Re: telnet command feedback
It's actually an older non-N series, a TX-SR606. Doesn't normally come with a serial port but actually has the internal header for it, so all it needed was a level shifter and a connector. I'm talking to it through the serial port but have to map said serial port through telnet with ser2net
Re: telnet command feedback
If your Onkyo is an N series (network enabled) ,make a sensor and use the Onkyo/Integra ISCP commands... See here for reference : (start at page 5) You need to send the string:
Re: Do not work Rules.
Hi, Eric. I reinstalled Zhava (8), physically removed javax.mail.jar file and rules (including in the Designer). Launched OpenRemote and get the same error - I can not be synchronized with the designer online. How can that be, it worked well before. The problems started with your new certificat
Migration from 2.1 free (on /demo URL)
Hi, I've read this forum for migration related messages. Found the domain but it won't let me login. My old 2.1 account works on How can I migrate my account to 2.6 which finally works with Java 1.8 on RPI 2
Re: telnet command feedback
I should specify, I'm on OpenRemote Controller 2.5.0
telnet command feedback
Complete java noob here so I'm more than likely missing the obvious, but what would be the best approach to using the feedback of a telnet command in a rule or an in-memory virtual command? Here's what I have for now; command: Power.On protocol: telnet IP address: localhost port: 3000 command:
Re: telnet regex (what am I missing?)
Just realised a mistype... The line that reads: Summary : I have an A/V device accessible over telnet, and upon connection it displays a status message (no input required). The input is : Should read: Summary : I have an A/V device accessible over telnet, and upon connection it displays a
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