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Re: v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
For test purposes I'ld recommend that you add two buttons and link them with the ON and OFF command respectively. In addition add a label and link it with the STATUS command. When pressing the ON button you should see the 'ON' status on the label. The same is true for the OFF button. If this
Re: v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
Sounds like the status of your switch is not updating check that your sensor command is working correctly (use it in a label to ensure it correctly shows on/off). Switches are stateful so they read the current state and when you click on them they perform the appropriate action (i.e. if your
Re: v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
This is only for testing purposes. Like i mentioned, the command i put in the command(off) is the only one that seems to be executed when i press the switch from the mobile app. If i link off to command(off) and if the switch is on, it will turn off the switch but when i press it again, it does
v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
command (on) -----You put remotec command OFF ??? should be: ON command (off) ----You put remotec command ON ??? should be OFF
v2.5 designer Switch only taking command for the off position
HI any one run in to an issue where a Switch for Zwave only works in one direction i.e. OR2.5 seems to execute command only for the OFF position- in other words when i press the switch button from the app, it will only execute the command assigned to the switch off position. i have attached
Hey - can't help you with those errors sorry, but I followed this post to control my Sony from OR running on a pie: Below is a run down of what I've done:
Re: Controller 2.5 and KNX DPT:s
Hi. I noticed the same thing. I have always used a controller version from Juha's workspace called "Controller_2_1_0_FM_KNXRollback" I think it is the last KNX version he did. It is the most complete and bug fixed KNX code (according to me). It's too bad that it was never released. I have
Controller 2.5 and KNX DPT:s
Hello I'm coming from controller 2.1 and after trying 2.5 I noticed that some KNX DPTs doesn't are not recognized any more(10.001 time, 11.001 date, 13.001 counter pulses etc...). Also DPT 16.000 isn't recognized although it is mentioned there:
Fresh raspberrypi
Hi, I,m fiddling around to get my fresh installed raspberrypi controller with v2.6 syncd and running. The controller says but in the designer the controller is not found Some error from the console: ERROR 2016-07-19 10:51:16,149 : Creating sensor failed. Error : No device protocol builders
Help to install OR on Synology
I have been running OR for quite some time on my Synology 412+. Up until now I have used the pcloadletter package to install OR. However after updating from version DSM 5.x to DSM 6 (Synology software) the pcloadletter package is no useable. I know many here is running OR on a Synology, but have
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